Products from Tasneem Naturel are natural product that uses essential oils as the main ingredient. Products from Tasneem Natural are suitable for newborns to adults.


There are 5 popular balm that can be use by newborn babies to adults. The Coughflu Rub helps during cough, flu and fever. Calm Time best use to tantrum toddlers or stressful adult. It is also can be use to helps in sleep problems in newborn. The Sleep Time balm helps improve sleeping. T-Rub balm can be use to those have problems with digestion or stomach ache. And last, Skeenz balm helps to improve skin problem such as eczema, rashes, cut etc



Baby spa set consist of three steps. First the head to toe for bathing. The second is massage oil that use after bath. It can be bonding experience for you and your baby during this step. The last step uses lotion to moistures baby skin.



Sleep mist spray can be use when someone have difficulty to sleep. Just spray to pillow and put your head there. You will find yourselve sleeping in a minute.